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For over thirty years, Machado Law Office has provided outstanding legal counsel to families and companies in Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area regarding their estate planning, business and real estate needs.  We provide the highest quality service clients have come to expect from top tier national firms with the personal attention, flexibility and rates only possible at an independent law office.  For more information about our firm and areas of practice please contact us today.

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The best legal solutions address your immediate concerns while protecting your future interests. At Machado Law Office, we can assist you with all of your estate planning needs. Whether you are interested in developing a comprehensive estate plan, minimizing estate taxes, establishing a gifting program or ensuring property and business holdings remain within your family, we have the tools to get the job done. We utilize a number of approaches to satisfy your needs, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney and healthcare directives. Additionally, if you are involved in a dispute over inheritance rights, we will take quick action to make sure your interests are protected. At Machado Law Office we will explore all options to achieve a proper settlement or, if the time comes, enforce your rights in court.
The future of your business depends on the decisions you make every day and whatever your immediate and long term goals may be, Machado Law Office will enable you to act with confidence. We guide clients through the formation of their business, including the important decision of selecting the appropriate entity. We work closely with clients, their accountants and tax advisors to find the entity that best suits their needs, whether it is a partnership, limited liability company or corporation. At Machado Law Office, we continue to represent our clients through all stages of their business’s life cycle, including the drafting and negotiation of employment agreements, contracts, leases, lines of credit and loan and investment documents. Ultimately, we assist clients in reaching an exit strategy that best suits their needs. Whether that involves an acquisition, asset sale or business succession planning, we have the tools and experience to help you accomplish your goals. Additionally, when the time comes, we are prepared to protect your business’s rights in court as defense or plaintiff counsel and can assist with debt collection, should the need arise.
When you are planning for the future of your family or business, a real estate transaction may represent your largest financial investment.  An experienced attorney can assist you from the start.  At Machado Law Office, we handle real estate matters for clients throughout Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area.  Our practice encompasses both commercial and residential matters and focuses on finding solutions to all of your real estate needs, including leases, buy/sell agreements, easement issues, boundary disputes and landlord/tenant disputes.  Additionally, we are highly qualified at handling real estate litigation matters for both commercial and residential clients.  If you are involved in a real estate dispute, do not hesitate to contact Machado Law Office and ensure your rights are protected in court.


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